Index of articles

1. The Blue Marble – What does Earth look like from a distance?
2. Eratosthenes’ measurement – Can we measure the size of the Earth with a stick?
      2.a Making Eratosthenes’ measurement
      2.b Eratosthenes’ measurement results
      2.c Eratosthenes and the flat Earth model
3. Meteor arrival rates – When is the best time to see meteors? And why?
4. Airy’s coal pit experiment – How does gravity change down t’ pit?
5. Horizon dip angle – Is the horizon actually horizontal?
6. Gegenschein – Can we observe an effect of the sun being behind the Earth?
7. Supernova 1987A – How was this event detected all over the Earth?
8. Earth’s magnetic field – Why is it the shape it is?
9. The South Pole – Where is the South Pole on a flat Earth?
10. The Sagnac effect – Can we measure the Earth’s rotation speed at different places?