Audio files now available for first six proofs

I’ve still been a bit too busy and distracted to write more proofs recently. However, I mentioned this project to my mother, and she expressed a keen interest in learning more. Unfortunately her eyesight has deteriorated and her lifelong avid reading habit has necessarily been converted to audiobooks.

So I decided to record the proofs to audio files and send them to her. She is thoroughly enjoying them! And now I’m sharing the audio files here on the site. I’ve recorded an Introduction, and the first six Proofs so far – you can access the audio files from the main Index page.

Some of them are verbatim readings of the article. Others that rely strongly on diagrams I have edited slightly so that they flow without requiring reference to the diagrams. I hope that some of you find these files useful.

And I do expect to have a bit more free time to be able to start writing some more proofs in the next week or two.

Posting slowdown

I haven’t posted a new proof in a while, and that will probably continue for a few more weeks. I currently have a bandaged up left hand due to a kitchen knife accident, which is making it slower for me to work on the computer. And I also have my wife working from home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, which breaks up my days with many more distractions than normal, making it very hard to concentrate in the long blocks of time necessary to research and write up a new proof.

Rest assured that the site is not abandoned! I’ll be back with more new proofs, hopefully within a few weeks.

Admin update: travelling 11-25 May

Sorry there hasn’t been a new post for a few days. I’ve been dealing with some urgent deadlines for stuff that needs to be done before I travel next week. I’m going to Portugal for 2 weeks, from 11-25 May. There won’t be any new posts while I’m away, but I hope to get one or two more done before I leave – after I deal with more urgent stuff this weekend.

Let’s measure the Earth: reminder

Just a quick reminder that the equinox (autumn if you’re in the southern hemisphere, spring if you’re in the north) happens on 20 March in the Americas, and 21 March in the rest of the world. That’s the day you can help me to measure the size of the Earth, by doing a simple measurement!

See my post on Eratosthenes’ measurement for details!

On the nature of scientific proof

Since it’s going to come up a lot and be a potential point of discussion on pretty much every post I make here, I’ve written a page (linked in the sidebar navigation) on The nature of proof. It discusses the semantics of what we mean by “proof” in a scientific context.

TL;DR: Each proof I post isn’t meant to be stand-alone, irrefutable, ironclad evidence of absolute truth that the Earth is a globe. What they are, are experiments and observations that are consistent with a spherical Earth, and more or less inconsistent with a straightforward Flat Earth model. You might be able to make them fit a Flat Earth model with some ad-hoc tweaking or conspiracy theories – but overall the spherical Earth model is a much simpler explanation.