Audio files now available for first six proofs

I’ve still been a bit too busy and distracted to write more proofs recently. However, I mentioned this project to my mother, and she expressed a keen interest in learning more. Unfortunately her eyesight has deteriorated and her lifelong avid reading habit has necessarily been converted to audiobooks.

So I decided to record the proofs to audio files and send them to her. She is thoroughly enjoying them! And now I’m sharing the audio files here on the site. I’ve recorded an Introduction, and the first six Proofs so far – you can access the audio files from the main Index page.

Some of them are verbatim readings of the article. Others that rely strongly on diagrams I have edited slightly so that they flow without requiring reference to the diagrams. I hope that some of you find these files useful.

And I do expect to have a bit more free time to be able to start writing some more proofs in the next week or two.

One thought on “Audio files now available for first six proofs”

  1. I don’t personally enjoy audiobooks, but your commitment to accessibility is laudable. <3

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