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No. 26:

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First | Previous | 2009-01-02 | Next | Latest

Translated from ancient Sumerian by: xyzzy

The author writes:

Here's the results from the "favourite bit character" poll:

621 of you voted Margaret as your favourite, presumably because of that thing with the squirrel. I never realised that would be so popular. You don't know how many emails I got.

308 of you voted for Chuckie. I thought this was kind of funny, given how quickly he died. I guess his rumoured return means people want to be on the fandom train?

97 of you voted for Antonio. I guess I need to give him more publicity?

91 of you chose Wanda, which really surprised me. I mean, she's had, what, one line total? Your vote, I guess.

21 of you voted for Lenny. I guess I should give the poor guy more publicity?

205 of you voted other, and I got a few emails with others. Since these were all bit characters, there were a bunch with random people standing in the background. You'll notice that one of the guys from the gang during the street brawl showed up in today's comic, as a tribute to all of you.