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No. 15: Something Blue

First | Previous | 2014-07-30 | Latest

Something Blue

First | Previous | 2014-07-30 | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/fumbles/?comic=15

Strip art by: Peter Brichs

{moody black and white photos overlaid with captions}
Caption: Day 42 of the siege: I am hungry.
Caption: I've used up all my rations of noodles.
Caption: Even my secret stash of salami is empty.
Caption: I can't let my guard down.
Bob: They're using chloroform!
Caption: Zzzzzzzzz...
{colour photo of Bob with bright blue tongue}
Caption: The next morning: They did it again! Curse you, smurfs!

The artist writes:

Dialogue by Amoebae. Strip assembled by Panpear.