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... All we know is, he's called The Hyperstig.

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mezzacotta comics broken

24 November, 2019 | Posted in Comic, News by David Morgan-Mar

Unfortunately, due to a software upgrade the mezzacotta comics got broken about a week ago. I’m working on fixing them, but until I manage to figure out what’s wrong the comic images are failing to load fully. It may take a while to fix them, as I’ve already tried and failed, and I have other things I need to do, but it’s definitely still on my semi-urgent list.

mezzacotta Puzzle Competition

14 September, 2016 | Posted in Puzzles by David Morgan-Mar

The first annual mezzacotta Puzzle Competition is now open for registration! This is a successor to the CiSRA Puzzle Competition which we ran at our work from 2007 to 2013. Our company decided not to sponsor the competition any more, so we’ve now begun our own private competition right here on mezzacotta.

The puzzles will be similar in style to CiSRA, as well as the popular MUMS and SUMS puzzle hunts. The puzzles will be released in the week beginning Monday 10 October, and the best teams will win prizes!

Announcing Snot Block & Roll

19 May, 2015 | Posted in News by David Morgan-Mar

We’ve launched a new food review site! Snot Block & Roll.

Yeah, okay, we do nothing here for 2 years and then launch three new features all at once. It’s a bit like waiting for a bus.

Announcing The Prisoner of Monty Hall

19 May, 2015 | Posted in News, Webcomics by David Morgan-Mar

We’ve launched another new webcomic! The Prisoner of Monty Hall.

Announcing The Dinosaur Whiteboard

19 May, 2015 | Posted in News, Webcomics by David Morgan-Mar

We’ve launched a new webcomic! The Dinosaur Whiteboard.

Announcing mezzacotta Cinématique!

23 December, 2013 | Posted in News by David Morgan-Mar

We are pleased to announce the opening of mezzacotta Cinématique, showing all the latest blockbuster movies, plus some surprising foreign and art-house finds. Check out what’s showing now!

Professional photographers?

26 May, 2013 | Posted in Geek Argument of the Day by David Morgan-Mar

In the wake of Marissa Mayer’s comments when launching the revamped Flickr UI (since “clarified”), what is the difference between professional and amateur photographers?

Geek Argument of the Day

24 May, 2013 | Posted in Geek Argument of the Day by David Morgan-Mar

New feature!

Today’s Geek Argument of the Day is: Is the change to the Legend rule in Magic: The Gathering a good thing, or is it the end of Magic as we know it?

Bonus Geek Argument of the Day for yesterday, when we actually thought of this idea for a new regular feature, but forgot to post it: Should “GIF” be pronounced with a hard G or a soft G sound? Does the creator get any say in the matter?

We don’t have comments directly here on this page, but feel free to post your thoughts in our forums.

Spray on sweat

22 February, 2013 | Posted in Ideas by David Morgan-Mar

You know when you want to look as though you’ve just been out getting a great workout, or jogging, or playing a hard-fought game of tennis? But you haven’t really? So you need to fake it?

You need a spray-pack of simulated sweat! A few quick spritzes under the arms, a mist over your face to give it that post-workout glow, and assorted spots and drips everywhere else, and you’ll have everyone convinced you’re an exercise junky! It’s water with a few salts in it for authenticity. And no offensive smell, so you can continue to attract people admiring your ethic of hard work and healthy lifestyle.

A game so nerdy we’re surprised we didn’t think of it first

13 March, 2012 | Posted in Games, Links by David Morgan-Mar

Biased Pandemic.