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About Comments on a Postcard

COAP started in 1999 when three golfers from Maine decided they wanted to get into the internet; over a nineteenth hole drink they decided to buy a domain name and put something up on it. After two months they began reporting on local news and uploading scenic photos of golf courses.

Their real claim to fame came in January of 2001; extreme temperatures led them to rarely leave their homes. Two of the men who were brothers living together were temporarily housing Andy Husley, a freelance writer/artist who was, at the time, translating and recreating ancient works of art while also spinning a comic tale of a dystopian society in a future Maine. The brothers loved the comic and asked Andy if they could put his work on their website. He later moved out but continued to send them new comments along with new comics for three more years.

The website eventually went down, but his comments have been preserved. It's not known if any of the actual comics are still around; the house they were in burnt down in 2007, and it's not known if anything was salvaged. Furthermore, it's unknown if Husley is still alive, or where he is if he is alive. The trio of golfers also exist only as legend; attempts to track them down have remained unfruitful. Several pub-goers remember them vaguely, but their names and their identities are lost to the sands of time.