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No. 504: Call Forward

First | Previous | 2021-06-08 | Latest

Call Forward

First | Previous | 2021-06-08 | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=504

Strip by: Mr. Skullhead

{Rat is watching TV}
Pig: What are you watching?
Rat: This story on the news about some guy who drowned.
Pig: That happened to me once.
{Pig thinks of the time in the future when he will go swimming without holding his breath.}
Rat: Pig... if you drown, you die.
Pig: Wow, Heaven is one heckuva letdown.

The author writes:

Idea suggested by Kelp the Great in the forums.

Original Pearls Before Swine strips: 2004-06-04, 2004-07-08.