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Episode TNG 1.1: Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1


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Surprise! Let me tell you a story:

I signed up for redditgifts' big Secret Santa exchange last year, and did a Christmas gift exchange. And then in February when it was time for the next round of themed exchanges, one of the offerings was Star Trek. I thought that was perfect - I could get my giftee some cool Star Trek loot, and throw in an extra bonus, one of my original hand-drawn artworks from Planet of Hats! So I signed myself up.

Then came gift matching day. I eagerly opened my giftee's details... and saw that they're super into The Next Generation and Voyager... but no mention whatsoever of the Original Series episodes or characters. What's a secret santa to do??

I've been sitting here for almost three years now, with Planet of Hats having exhausted all possible original cast television and movies. The next logical thing to start on would be The Next Generation, but at seven long seasons, more than twice as long as the Original Series, the thought of beginning that was overwhelming. But now I had an excuse...


Now, I am not committing to a regular weekly update for this. I'm not planning regular updates at all. For now, I'm going to squeeze in some drawing of new strips when I have time - I anticipate roughly once a month or so. If that changes, I'll let you know.

But that said, yes, we're off on a brand new continuing mission!

Encounter at Farpoint is a double episode, so I've split it into two comics. The second half will be along in a month or so. As the first episode with a new cast, naturally it spends time introducing us to the characters, but then quickly throws Q at us to complicate things, and turn a relatively straightforward single episode plot involving Farpoint Station into a double episode with Q's meddling lain over the top. I found Q annoying initially, but he does get the honour of introducing us to a very memorable villain later on.


Captain's log, Stardate 41153.7. En route to Deneb IV, to solve the mystery of Farpoint Station. I command a new Enterprise, but with no First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, or Helmsman.
{Captain Picard stands in a dramatically lit doorway leading to the bridge of the Enterprise NCC 1701-D}
Data: But you have me, an android who doesn't know the word "snoop".
Troi: Captain, I sense a powerful mind.
Picard: Clearly not Lieutenant Commander Data.
Q: Greetings! I am Q. Goeth back whence thou camest!
Picard: What's with the purple prose and florid enunciation?
Q: Just establishing myself as the Shatner of this series.
Q: Humanity is nasty and violent and uses other species as playthings!
Picard: Like you?
Q: Don't you judge me! I shall judge you! Anon!
{exterior shot of Enterprise separating saucer and stardrive sections}
Picard: Separate the saucer section! At warp speed! For no other reason than to show off our special effects! Make it so!
Caption: God-like alien scene change! {a courtroom}
Q: Prepare to face judgement! I bet no alien has ever put humanity on trial before!
Picard: <cough> Trelane <cough>
Picard: Give us a chance to prove humanity has changed for the better.
Q: Very well. Have fun at Farpoint. Toodle-oo.
Caption: At Farpoint:
Riker: Dr Crusher, the mystery of Farpoint is how did aliens build a base perfectly suited to our needs?
Crusher: Mmm. Jean-Luc might be interested.
Riker: And where did this apple come from??
Caption: It's Wil Wheaton!
Riker: Jean-Luc? You know Captain Picard?
Crusher: Oh, just in a slow-burn sexual tension kind of way.
Riker: Ah. Lucky there'll be none of that to distract me!
La Forge: Commander Riker! Enterprise has arrived. The captain wants you to dock the saucer section. Manually.
Riker: He'll risk the safety of the ship just to test me? Bring it on!
{Captain Picard's ready room}
Picard: You did okay, I suppose.
Riker: You remain aloof and question my character, sir.
Picard: We have to have something to make things interesting this season.
Picard: Help me look less grumpy to the children on board. And welcome to the Enterprise, Commander Riker.
Riker: Thank you, sir.
Picard: Maybe you should grow a beard or something...

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