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No. 3549: "Hello? Is this Jim Davis? Yes, I'd like to report a bug."

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First | Previous | 2019-02-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3549

Strip by: Super SpongeBob 64

{A three-panel Garfield strip with speech bubbles, but no dialog. Garfield can be seen lying on the floor in all three panels. He and Jon are outlined in white}
Jon: {blank}
{Jon walks away}
Garfield: {blank}
Garfield: {blank}

The author writes:

Yes, what you see is real. Somehow GoComics screwed up this particular strip, leaving this strip devoid of any black. I actually stumbled upon this while searching for ideas for a SRoMG strip, clicking the "Random" button until I got an idea.

So in a way, thanks, GoComics. You made a SRoMG strip for me. (Actually, I checked back on it the day I submitted this. It's still glitched.)

Original strip: 2000-01-13.