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Submit a Strip!

I have an idea for a Garfield mash-up! Can I send you a strip?

Sure! Please follow these guidelines to help make our life easier:

You may also send us some brief biography information, an image, and a link for your website if you like.

If you send us a strip, you might not hear from us for several weeks. We have a large backlog of submissions. Check the statistics page to see how many strips have been added to the database buffer queue already. In addition to those, we will have anywhere up to a hundred or more submissions sitting unsorted in our mailbox! We do appreciate all submissions, but it will take some time for your submission to be processed and more time until it's published.

Is there anything not allowed?

We will reject outright any strip violating any of the following:

Strips which are variants of the infamous "pudding pops" strip may be submitted, but are placed in a special ultra-low-priority queue. There are nearly 100 unpublished strips in this queue, dating back to 2010. They will be trickled out extremely slowly, if at all. Basically, if you submit a strip that is a variant of this, odds are it will never get published. Use your creative energy on some other strip idea.

Where can I find Garfield strips to mash?

If you need help finding a good strip to mash, there are ways to search Garfield strips:

Original Garfield strips for mashing in your graphics editor are available from:

Where can I find Garfield text fonts?

Did you get my submission?

We try to notify you within a week or so when we receive your submission. Sometimes it can take a bit longer, if I'm busy (or on vacation). But if you haven't received confirmation within a few weeks, let us know.

Why aren't my submitted strips showing up as "to be published" on my author page?

Once a strip is received, it sits in a slush pile for a while. A couple of times a month, we select strips from this pile to add to the publication queue in the database. This is the stage when they show up listed on your author page. The slush pile typically contains something like 100-200 submissions - which translates to an average lag of 3-6 months between submission and publication. We select by submission quality and author variety, so a few quality submissions by any given author have a better chance of faster publication than lots of mediocre submissions.

Basically, you can expect a few months delay between receiving acknowledgement that we received your strip and seeing it listed on your author page and then published. But please don't be put off! We definitely want high quality submissions to keep the site going strong.