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No. 534: MS Paint Garfield

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MS Paint Garfield

First | Previous | 2010-11-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=534

Strip by: Jacek "Korodzik" Dobrzyniecki

A middle-aged cartoonist is sitting in his study. For mysterious reasons, he refuses to give his name, instead insisting you think one up yourself.
What will the name of this man be?
> Enter name.
You are a typical SUBURBAN DWELLER and an ambitious CARTOONIST. You hope one day to form MUTUAL ATTRACTION BONDS with an attractive human of the opposite sex, but for now, the closest you have is your tiny circle of FRIENDS and your HILARIOUSLY EMBARRASSING FAMILY. You have a penchant for EXPERIMENTATION with regards to ENRICHING EVERYDAY LIFE; those who observe you doing so usually disregard your commendable scientific instincts, instead labeling you a FREAK.
> JA: Introduce cat.
That would be GARFIELD. A living oxymoron, Garfield is simultaneously a best friend and a true tormentor.
Sometimes, in boredom, you wonder what you'd hear from him about you if he could talk.
> Garfield: Introduce cartoonist.
This is JON ARBUCKLE. A living oxymoron, Jon provides you with both amusement and depression in equal amounts.
Sometimes, in bravado, you wonder what you'd hear from him about you if you cared to listen to his absurd outbursts.
> JA, Garfield: Entertain.
Garfield refuses to entertain!! All he wants is food.
That useless animal. Dumb cat. Best friend.

The author writes:

This is a mix between Garfield and the MS Paint Adventures format. The comics at MS Paint Adventures, or MSPA for short, are kind of a mix between a webcomic, an illustrated novel, and a video game parody. You really should check them out someday if you haven't yet.

Images in Garfield's thought bubble are public domain images taken from Wikimedia Commons. The smileys in Jon's bubble are the smileys from the MSPA forum.

Original strip: 1978-06-19.