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No. 3550: Odie's Mind

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Odie's Mind

First | Previous | 2019-02-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3550

Strip by: Muchacho1994

{Garfield and Odie are chatting with the purple dog}
Purple dog {to Odie}: How's it going?
{Odie, despite his outward happy expression, is unsure about the big dog. He's seen him chase after and/or bark at Garfield many times, and is worried the dog is only faking being nice to them to lure them into a trap or something}
Odie: Hmm... I don't trust this dog. He might be trying to trick us! I gotta get outta here!
{He turns to leave, expecting Garfield to also sense the danger and follow him. But he doesn't. He just stares on in confusion, along with the big dog, watching Odie walk away. Odie, instead of pulling Garfield away from the dog, decides to just keep walking}
Odie: Well, whatever, Garfield. It's your funeral
{Garfield and the big purple dog think Odie walked away because he's too stupid to hold a conversation}
Purple dog: Has that guy bumped his head?
Garfield: More times than you'd believe...

The author writes:

Okay, I have a theory that as a puppy, Odie developed slight brain damage from Garfield's nonstop abuse, causing his telepathic powers or whatever to not function properly (however, he can still think to himself just fine). As a result, Odie has to use other methods (such as barking) to communicate with Garfield and the others, making him appear dumber than he actually is.

So what happens when Odie senses what he perceives to be danger (even though it was probably a false alarm anyway)? This strip reinterpretation happens, of course!

Original strip: 2010-09-07.