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No. 2955: Square Root of Additive Garfield

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Square Root of Additive Garfield

First | Previous | 2017-06-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2955

Strip by: Camwoodstock & Tori

{a mishmash of a bunch of Square Root of Minus Garfield strips with the word "add" in them}

The author writes:

This has a similar premise to Square Root of Multiplied Garfield (which I pray is published by the time this one is). I took all SRoMG strips with the word "add" in the transcript, resized them to 600x181 if necessary, and put them into a layered image. I then set the blend method to "Add". To prevent the image from being all white, however, I set all of the transparencies to 35, and put it all over a black image for easy sight.

I'm not even gonna bother transcribing this one, since it's hardly even readable. You can really, REALLY easily see which strips were resized, though; especially ones who had to be resized in the size department.

As a side note, since the April Fools '16 strip, which mentioned Undertale, got used here: there's been a surprising lack of Undertale in SRoMG. Then again, there was little to no FNaF in SRoMG, but it's genuinely kinda surprising how few references there were (and still are) given the April Fools '16 strip dedicated itself to Undertale. Ah well, tangent over.

Original Square Root of Minus Garfields: 2010-02-12, 2011-07-09, 2015-07-18, 2015-11-03, 2016-04-01, 2016-07-25, 2016-11-22.