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No. 2359: Garfield Minus Punchlines

First | Previous | 2015-11-03 | Next | Latest

Garfield Minus Punchlines

First | Previous | 2015-11-03 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Muchacho1994

Strip 1:
Jon: {scolding, pointing at a nearly bare plant} Garfield, Garfield, Garfield. You ate my fern.
Garfield: {droopy and ashamed} I'm a bad boy.
Jon: Now I'll have to buy another one. {Garfield remains droopy and ashamed}
Strip 2:
{Garfield in a crouching position, wagging his tail}
{Garfield leaps towards a bed of flowers}
Strip 3:
{Jon and Garfield at the table. Fortunately, they did this less then than they do now. It is unknown how Garfield is almost as tall as Jon, but I guess he could be on a really tall barstool. Yeah, that explains it. Garfield is sitting on a barstool.}
Jon: You know what this country needs?
Garfield: {raises finger, as if Jon could hear him} More dog pounds! {lifts head to sky to add emphasis to his thoughts, wags finger around} Anti-dog mines around fire hydrants! Dog hunting season! Dog traps! {Jon's expression doesn't change}
Strip 4:
{Garfield is walking along, on all fours, like a cat was INTENDED TO DO, until he abruptly skids to a stop}
Strip 5:
{It's now 2015, or it least it will be until 2016. During the past 34 years, Garfield has slowly been upgraded to have taller eyes, clown feet, and short little dinosaur arms. He is holding one paw out to someone off camera. Everyone else would probably call it a hand, but that's not anatomically correct, is it?}
Garfield: {as if ANYONE could hear him} Back... back... back... back up some more...
Strip 6:
{Garfield staring expressionlessly at a bowl of lettuce for two panels, paws folded}
Strip 7:
Jon: {to Garfield, who is lying on his stomach and has inexplicably grown stripes on his back legs} It's Monday. A bright new week, a fresh beginning for my life...
Strip 8:
{Jon and Garfield are sitting around doing nothing. Jon has a cup of coffee, but Garfield doesn't, possibly because it isn't decaf and everyone but me has ignored the fact that caffeine is not really the best thing for feline digestion.}
Jon: Talking about hard work... hard work never hurt anyone.
Garfield: True.
{Garfield puts finger to chin}

The author writes:

When you take the punchline out, the comic gets really weird and almost Dadaist. The one hit the hardest by the third panel being removed is probably #6.

Original strips: 1981-07-28, 1981-07-31, 1981-08-01, 1981-08-03, 2015-04-06, 2015-04-10, 2015-04-13, 2015-04-16.

[Ed: See also #1104.]