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No. 2956: A New Exploitable

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A New Exploitable

First | Previous | 2017-06-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2956

Strip by: SonicLover

{Two-panels-wide Garfield title banner with a birthday theme}
{Garfield walks into a room; his mind goes blank immediately}
Garfield: Now I know I walked into this room for a reason...
{Garfield pulls out a sheet of paper}
Garfield: Because I wrote it down!
{Garfield faces the camera}
Garfield: And that's how you outsmart old age!
{Garfield looks at the paper, and squints as he tries to read it}
Garfield: "Create a new exploitable"?

The author writes:

Seriously, how has Garfield's latest birthday strip not been used in a SRoMG yet? Birthday strips naturally get attention, and this one's so darn exploitable. I can think of at least six other possible things that added thought balloon could say. Heck, maybe I should host a caption contest on the forum.

[[Original strip: 2016-06-19.

[Ed: I guess not everyone hated the original strip.]]]

Original strip: 2016-06-19.