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No. 936:

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First | Previous | 2011-07-30 | Next | Latest

Recovered from the browser cache of: unstattedCommoner

The author writes:

Right, ladies and gentlemen: Contrary to what you appear to think, you do not have an absolute right to freedom of speech on the forums. There are rules, and you are obliged to follow them. These rules are based on basic common courtesy and common sense. In particular, as relevant here, the rules prohibit the posting of material whose publication constitutes contempt of court in the jurisdiction in which my server and myself are located because I don't want to be contacted by lawyers asking for details of forum members' identities which I refrained from collecting from you (thereby depriving myself of potential immunity to suit or prosecution for what you post here).

That hasn't happened in this case, and the offending posts have been deleted.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it offers no end of sites where you can post that sort of thing if you are so inclined. This is not one of them.