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No. 929:

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First | Previous | 2011-07-23 | Next | Latest

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The author writes:

What makes Juliane's face light up that way in the penultimate panel? Could it be that she ... fancies Preston?

According to the script I'm working from, no she doesn't. And I seriously considered redrawing her to get rid of that misleading implication. It's just that I actually don't know, as a matter of art, exactly what it is that makes Juliane's face light up that way. Each penstroke, in isolation, seems to be exactly how I usually draw her, but their combined effect is something magical. I wouldn't be able to duplicate it on demand ever, and it seemed such a monumental pity to let it go to waste that, yes, damn the script, she fancies him. Sometimes you just gotta go where the characters take you.

Time will tell whether or not Preston picks up on this. Knowing him, probably not. But who am I to know?