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No. 816:

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First | Previous | 2011-03-05 | Next | Latest

Quoted from an email originally sent to: Henning Makholm

The author writes:

Forum-goer PopeHenryXXIV took a hint that was never there and discovered that if you configure an actual WWII Enigma machine (or one of the simulations thereof which you can find all over the web) with wheels 324, ring settings HQU and plugs BS, CP, DH, EY, GT, JV, MZ, NU, RW, then Lenny's scrambled utterances last week come out as meaningful English.

I'm very impressed.

I'm particularly impressed because I actually constructed them as macaronic Maltese/Swedish/Haitian Creole/Tagalog text, spelled backwards and then ROT13 encrypted. But the Enigma thing is insanely cooler, so it is hereby declared the canon solution.

Enjoy this unscheduled filler cut to Roxanne's vacation in Colorado while I replot the rest of the main arc so it contains a "rickety apple" and a "north whistle".