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No. 77:

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First | Previous | 2009-02-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/postcard/?comic=77

Quoted from an email originally sent to: HuugjeWeg

The author writes:

Just to give you a quick insight from where the ideas of comics arise, I'll explain how I arrived at this one. In detail.

In the forums, reader Yxzyzny1978 posted an innocuous message, in which (s)he remarked that (s)he initially thought that my comic might somehow be linked to the movie Postcards from the Edge. As I have not seen that movie myself yet, I started browsing a bit and found some reviews and a synopsis of the plot. I couldn't picture the processes that must have occurred in Yxzyzny's mind when (s)he linked the comic to the movie (nor, for that matter, what happened when (s)he picked h[is|er] nickname).

So I surfed the net a bit, looking for information on the main themes of the movie. By the time I was about to click a link to Wiccan recipes, I needed a break. That's when my colleague intruded, challenging me to finish Double Dragon on one credit and beating him in the end.

On the way to the arcade machine (we have one in the next building), we passed a foosball table, where four men were playing. Each of these men had long hair, which prompted a remark from my colleague.

Well, I twisted these ingredients a bit, that's why in the third panel Gwenyth (as Jimmy) and Preston (as Billy) suddenly find themselves on a football field, opposed by the toughest women I could draw, Wanda out in front.

I realise most of this has little to do with the comic per se, but I just felt like sharing part of the creative process with you.