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No. 599:

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First | Previous | 2010-07-31 | Next | Latest

Reassembled from partial quotes in archived forum messages by: Neil Tarrant

The author writes:

This is another of my experimental strips. I drew a black-and-white comic, then sent it to three of my forum readers to colour. The first panel is the red colour channel from the first reader, with the green from the second, and blue from the third. The second panel taken the green from the first reader, the blue from the second, and the red from the third. I think you can guess how the third panel works.

EDIT: Following requests, here are the original strips so you have have a play with combining the colours yourself.

EDIT2: Wow - I am never unimpressed by the creativity of my forum readers. Here are some of my favourite colour mash-ups.

For the forum-reader: R00dBoi


From the forum-reader: LuckyLucy


From the forum-reader: Trickster101