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No. 580:

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First | Previous | 2010-07-12 | Next | Latest

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Recited from memory by: burning

The author writes:

Back when I was in college, Susan and I (yes, I knew her back then) made a pilgrimage to Woolsthorpe Manor. We were slightly hampered by initially taking the bus to the wrong Woolsthorpe. This was a source of great merriment to the locals when they (and we) learned what we had done. Fortunately there was still time to take the bus to the right Woolsthorpe.

Anyway, here's a picture of us holding an copy from the original printing of The Principia.

Me and Susan with The Principia

This shows the apple tree that allegedly inspired Newton. If you are a real trivia buff, the variety of the apple is the Flower of Kent.

Newton's apple tree