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No. 4952:

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First | Previous | 2022-08-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/postcard/?comic=4952

Transcribed painstakingly from the charred remains of the original notes by: David Morgan-Mar

The author writes:

This is a sourdough comic strip.

I took a small piece of strip #2790, added equal parts of ink and paper, and let it ferment for 8 hours at room temperature. Then I took a portion, added more ink and paper, kneaded for a good ten minutes, formed it into a proto-comic-strip shape, and set it aside to rise.

After another 8 hours I baked it and voilĂ !

Yes, it's a bit crusty around the edges, but it has a good chewy centre to ponder on.