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No. 4228:

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First | Previous | 2020-08-09 | Next | Latest

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Reassembled from partial quotes in archived forum messages by: David Morgan-Mar

The author writes:

I'm experimenting with deconstructionism in my cooking. Tonight I made a deconstructed lamb roast for dinner. I know that's difficult to visualise, so I took a photo:

deconstructed lamb roast

And for dessert I made a deconstructed apple pie. Again, a photo:

deconstructed Eton mess

Now, I know what you're thinking... "That's not really deconstructed!" I know, I know, I could have put the oxygen and the hydrogen in separate bowls, but honestly if you're going to go that far then you're not really cooking any more, are you? As opposed to creating the Universe from scratch.

Carl Sagan, you have a lot to answer for.