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No. 4116:

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First | Previous | 2020-04-19 | Next | Latest

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Pieced together from ancient legends by: The Thinker

The author writes:

Hello readers, new feature! Allow to introduce you all to "Postcard Plays...", in which members/a member of our art/writing staff plays a video game and provides commentary on it.

Today, we will start off with Postcard Plays... SimCity. Here I will be playing one of the SimCity games and post screenshots & commentary on my progress.

So, here we have the blank terrain on which our future metropolis will develop. Right now our first priorities are to establish some basic transportation and power infrastructure, as well as designate areas for our sims to live in and to work in. I have also decided that we should set up some farming in this city too, to provide a minor boost whilst we get a basic commercial/industrial base established. As initial funds will be tight, I've decided that we shall have to make do with those foul & filthy coal power plants too, at least until 1) We have more money, and 2) Cleaner alternatives are actually developed (oh the perils of starting in the year 1900). Schools (and other useful civic buildings) will be established once we've got a bit of an income. Good starting location (it has to be, I hand picked it), with plenty of fresh water, and water connections to our neighbours (thus allowing us to develop seaports should we so choose).