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No. 4079:

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First | Previous | 2020-03-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/postcard/?comic=4079

Rescued from a corrupted hard drive by: bill33

The author writes:

Sometimes I feel good about my webcomic and where I'm going with it.

And then some days someone finds my personal e-mail address and sends me this:

HEYYYYY!!! I'm a big fan of your webcomic Postcard been reading it since I was five! Ok anyway I have this cool idea for a comic I think you should consider. You know how you have that comic explaining how blackdrips race reproduces? You should make one but for humans! It would be ironic because anyone who reads this webcomic is human and already knows what sex is but youd be writing a comic about it like they aren't. Also I think it would be funny if you included detailed pictures this time instead of diagrams, and had Geoff and Roxanne doing sex as a demonstration, no reason its just that a lot of people like Geoff and Roxanne. OK bye!

And my autoresponder replies with this:

Greetings, loyal Postcard fan!

While I and the other staff of Postcard much appreciate your strip suggestion, we will not be able to incorporate it into the comic any time soon as we are in the middle of a large story arc that I have carefully planned out strip-by-strip. Check back again in 12-18 months, and we might consider slotting in your wonderful idea!

Yours truly,

The Author