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No. 4069:

First | Previous | 2020-03-03 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2020-03-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/postcard/?comic=4069

Beamed directly into your brain by: aliyaist

The author writes:

So I'm back from my vacation to discover the following interesting facts:

I've upgraded my firewall. But now the question is, do I toss out those three months of comics and continue from where I meant to leave off? Should I accept the planted strips as canon? Should I find and hire the hacker?

P.S. Oh, and I might as well tell you about my vacation. I went to the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve, a beautiful desert habitat in Mexico that I stared at breathlessly for about an hour or so, after which I spent the rest of the holiday bingeing episodes of Stargate.