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No. 3975:

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First | Previous | 2019-11-30 | Next | Latest

Recovered from the browser cache of: David Morgan-Mar

The author writes:

I have some self-imposed rules about how I create these comics.

Some of them are unbreakable rules. Pretty self-explanatory, these are rules that I absolutely never break. For example: Antonio's face is never shown in profile; the colour purple is always applied using the antique fountain pen handed down to me by my great-uncle Albert (the inspiration for Steve's other brother-in-law) and a supply of Lamy T53 Purple ink.

Some of the rules are breakable rules. These are rules that apply almost all the time, but which I am self-empowered to break if I feel a strong need. For example: Blackdrip always wears galoshes; there is always either a joke, a dramatic plot development, or an Easter egg in every 127th panel in sequence, starting from the first panel of comic 1 (I don't know if I've revealed this before... you may want to check the archives!).

If I do break one of the breakable rules, as penance I set aside a certain amount of cash into my "Postcard broken rules" jar, and then use it at the end of the year to buy gifts for the children of the village. Some years the kids have received bicycles and puppies, but I've improved over the last few years and most recently they got one glass marble each and a coupon for half-off the price of a small serve of chips at the local chippie. Although the owner of the fish & chip shop was a bit bemused by my hand-written coupons and declined to honour them.