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No. 381:

First | Previous | 2009-12-25 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2009-12-25 | Next | Latest

Recited from memory by: David Morgan-Mar

The author writes:

Wow, there's so much to think about, with all that's been happening lately. It's hard to stay focused on the comic, which is really what all of you come here to read about. I'm sure none of you really care what's going on behind the scenes, as long as you get your daily dose of artwork and dialogue.

So I'm going to concentrate and just say something about the strip. Preston and Wanda haven't been seen for a while, so I thought I'd do a flash-forward to events once they reach Santorini. It doesn't really matter that this is out of chronology with the main plot, since they don't interact with any of the other characters until they return home. Well, if they return home... That volcano that destroyed Atlantis isn't going to stay dormant forever...