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No. 3599:

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First | Previous | 2018-11-12 | Next | Latest

Pieced together from ancient legends by: Vivificient

The author writes:

Remember when I said I didn't remember what the species of crops were growing behind the house where the body was growing? I was bluffing.

Remember when I said the Habsburgs had no blood relation to the Brasebys? That was also a bluff (and one you could have uncovered with a little research).

And when I said the Coedwig Forest would be the hardest part of the journey? That I knew nothing about contract negotiations? That strip 3504 was an improvised ending after I lost my notes? Bluff, bluff, bluff.

Sorry for the deception. I've been planning this twist for a long time.

I expect at this point about half of you are gasping and shaking your head in surprise. Yes, it's what you think. Yes, it was in every single strip in the past three months. Go back and check. No, it wasn't easy.

Still don't see it? Then let me make it a little more obvious. Who was the first character in the comic to speak in a Russian accent? What colour do you get if you cross lilac with gainsboro? What kind of sound do icicles make when they melt? What was Robosaurus' favourite flavour of ice cream?

That's right.

Mauvedrip's back... AGAIN!