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No. 3341:

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First | Previous | 2018-02-27 | Next | Latest

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The author writes:

A couple of months ago I lost a portion of my notes on continuity and upcoming plotlines. Although it was only a small fraction of my overall documentation it was still a substantial and irritating loss, and I've had to try and work around the loss of knowledge in writing strips recently.

So I'm very grateful to the good samaritan who returned them to me last weekend. They had bought two filing cabinets from a charity shop, going cheap because the locks were busted, and after drilling them open they discovered my notes! It was a stroke of luck that one of the first dockets contained the map of my neighbourhood that I based the campus of Scarlottiana National Primate Conservatory and Dental Health Institute on, so they were able to find me.

I can already see there are a (thankfully low) number of minor corrections to recent strips required; I'll try to do any retconning as seamlessly as possible. And, needless to say, I will be looking for a new storage supplier.