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No. 3307:

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First | Previous | 2018-01-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/postcard/?comic=3307

Quoted from an email originally sent to: The Thinker

The author writes:

A bit of Postcard history for you here, one of the rejected scripts (of an estimated 10,000) for the very first strip we published:

Postcard, inaugural comic strip, draft script


SCENE: Matthew walks through the door, wearing an Egyptian Pharoah's headress, an Ankh necklace, and is carrying a Golden Cat Idol in one hand and a Pharoah's crook-sceptre thing (whatever they call them) in the other. Already in the room, are Martha and Mike sitting at the table. Martha turns her head around to witness Matthew's entry into the room. Mike is reading a newspaper and sipping tea, doesn't flinch.

Matthew: Merry Egyptmas everybody!

PANEL 2: SCENE: Matthew is standing at the doorway, grinning to himself. Martha is facing Matthew, with a look of incredulity on her face. Mike's position is unchanged, remaining focused on his newspaper.

Martha: Wai... Egyptmas?! There's no such holiday! Who told you it was a thing?!


SCENE: Matthew's grin transforms into an expression of dejected embarrassment as he explains things to Martha. Martha continues to face Matthew, still incredulous. Mike still at it with his cup of tea and newspaper.

Matthew: Why, Tall-Tale Tim told me tha... oh. But half the rest of the town think it's a thing also!


SCENE: Mike finally speaks, taking a sip of tea as he talks. Martha turns round to face Mike. Matthew remains standing near the doorway, looking sheepish.

Mike: You know that Tim really ought to go into the holiday greetings card business. Knowing the guillibilty of the folks 'round 'ere, I'd wager if he started today he'd be richer than that Bill Gates fella by next Sunday!


So, the script you see there represents what was supposed to have been the beginning of a storyline that would've encompassed the whole of Postcard, yet it was never to be. Nonetheless, eagle-eyed readers may notice a couple of minor details that did make it into the actual published comics, and continue to make their mark on Postcard to this very day.