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No. 33:

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First | Previous | 2009-01-09 | Next | Latest

Rescued from a corrupted hard drive by: Matt Albrecht

The author writes:

Funny story. Several years ago, my brother took a trip to Kalamazoo, and picked up a Superman action figure in the airport when he arrived. I don't know why he would pick one up after travelling so far. So, he carried this thing around all around his trip for two weeks.

About a year later, the two of us went on a road trip back to Kalamazoo - my fiancée at the time was visiting her sick grandmother there - and he told me he had lost that Superman action figure, and wanted to buy another one.

So then, last week, at a family reunion, my second cousin once removed (on my mother's side) started talking about a business trip he was about to go on - to Kalamazoo of all places. Well, my brother heard this and said that he had lost that second Superman action figure, and asked our cousin if he could buy him one while he was on the trip.

Then my father, of all people, turned around and said, "Superman?" What followed was this comic.

I guess it would have been funnier if I had told the story first.