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No. 3207:

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First | Previous | 2017-10-16 | Next | Latest

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Extracted from the original commentary document by: bill33

The author writes:

"So first, this guy is on the internet, and he posts words about a picture, and he asked if we were familiar with some word-picture things. I'm not. But apparently he found this thing with words and pictures on the internet, and he was reading it. Then he talked about how diagonal sewing helped him pass the time, who knows why? And then he talks about another guy who's talking about a word-picture thing, but this first guy doesn't like that other talking guy, and he's really confused. Apparently things were out of order and it was funny. But I don't get it, I thought the first guy didn't like the other guy. But then he looked at some other words on the internet and he was wrong because he had too many words. And then the explaining guy just randomly switches topics. He just tells us the President has an electrician- no duh. He asks his neighbor to explain, but there wasn't any more text after that so I guess his neighbor didn't want to."

I'm never playing Telephone again.