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No. 3128:

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First | Previous | 2017-07-29 | Next | Latest

Decoded from alien signals by: aliyaist

The author writes:

Some people have been a bit confused about Margaret's plan, so let's review the details:

Margaret has been waiting for 1172 years to get her hands on the map to the Post Office. The map is now stored in the safe at the Louvre, and only she and Albert's brother-in-law Steve have the combination.

She is the only person who knows exactly what the suitcase looks like. Even though Wanda, Preston, and Benito Mussolini have been looking for it too, they don't know that it's the one with the label that reads "Greetings from sunny Seattle" in Berber.

She also knows that the thermal recombinator has only five more uses, after which the portal reopens and Sky Witness resumes his conquest of the Earth.

Now, it's important to remember that the Philippine Civil War was not part of her plan, and in fact didn't even take place in the original timeline! That's what you're missing, for those who complained that she couldn't possibly have known there would be a ferry leaving Puerto Princesa that morning. Don't you remember her saying she would be traveling by train? The ferry was a last-minute improvisation that actually put her three days behind schedule - which is why her plan had an eleven-day buffer built into it in the first place.

So now all that's needed is to get to a telephone within eight days, call Steve's brother-in-law Albert, and convince him to leave Vegas and bring the thermal recombinator with him.

Got all that straight?

Good. Just in time, too, because the moment Margaret enters the Post Office, Edna is going to shoot her in the head and steal the suitcase.

Oops, spoiler alert.