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No. 2603:

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First | Previous | 2016-02-21 | Next | Latest

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Extracted from the original commentary document by: The Thinker

The author writes:

All day yesterday I have been performing the computing equivalent of plumbing, masonry and joinery* to set up the desired mods for my video games. No I'm not finished yet, but soon, soon I'll have everything up.

Then the game will crash and I'll have to spend another 360 straight hours trying to figure out the problem, solving it and have it reoccur ad nauseum. But hey, that's all part of the fun, is it not?

Oh, and just a head's up, as I was doing this I was also busy writing the story arc that's due to premier next month. This may explain a few things you see in there.

* And a bit of electrical engineering too, I was going to say, but in this instance I think that part of the analogy is a tad redundant, no?