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No. 229:

First | Previous | 2009-07-25 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2009-07-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/postcard/?comic=229

Beamed directly into your brain by: Panpear

The author writes:

Did you solve the rope puzzle? If not, here's the solution: Light both ends of one rope on fire, and one end of the other rope on fire. When the rope that had both ends on fire burns out, light the other end of the remaining rope. When that rope finishes burning, 45 minutes will have gone by. I've made a little GIF animation of the process in case you don't like reading:

rope puzzle solution

I had 14 people send in how they managed to solve their puzzle! I've sent them all a freebie image for being awesome.

... The quality of today's comic has nothing to do with me making an animation for a logic puzzle. No correlation what-so-ever.