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No. 2107:

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First | Previous | 2014-10-13 | Next | Latest

Rescued from a corrupted hard drive by: unstattedCommoner

The author writes:

The second omnibus, entitled The Incomplete (in the Sense of Gödel) Postcard, will be available by the end of next month.

Also available is An Account of London in the Seventeen Hundred and Fifty-Second Year of Our Lord, Written by Mr. Blackdrip, Esq, on the Basis of His Own Observations and Experiences, which cunningly combines a fully functional diary for the calendar year 2015 with a collection of hitherto unseen bonus strips and other material whose contents are essential to a proper understanding of the plot.

Additionally, you may wish to purchase the new T-Shirt which features a cast picture together with the legend "Someone stole my credit card details, but all they did with them was to order this lousy T-shirt and have it shipped to my home address".