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No. 2043:

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First | Previous | 2014-08-10 | Next | Latest

Extracted from the original commentary document by: unstattedCommoner

The author writes:

For the benefit of those who actually want to know what the orator in the background is saying, I here reproduce it:

I stand before you today, and if you doubt this, look at the facts. It is therefore with some sadness that I speak now in commemoration of those who are about to graduate from this great institution, and in this permissive age who wouldn't, given the chance? Now I am going to give you solemn promises on a matter which surely would not have been possible but for the hard work and commitment of all those involved. But above all, members of the jury, I would urge you to consider that our guest of honour, who retires today after sixty years of distinguished service, and the sooner the better. It remains only for me to declare this exhibition open.