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No. 1995:

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First | Previous | 2014-06-23 | Next | Latest

Beamed directly into your brain by: unstattedCommoner

The author writes:

There has been a glut of property shows on TV recently, but the best must be House Hunting For A Couple Who Really Need To Compromise On Their Fundamentally Incompatible Constraints. In the most recent episode John and Jane are looking for a house which is simultaneously a 100-room mansion and a student flat, located in the middle of the city with excellent views of the surrounding farmland.

Meanwhile in the comic, we will in due course return to Blackdrip's efforts to obstruct the police in their inquiries. But first we must catch up on events with Blackdrip, who when we last left him was trapped in 18th-century Europe, faced with the problems of repairing his time machine and of avoiding being committed to debtors' prison.