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No. 1793:

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First | Previous | 2013-12-03 | Next | Latest

Translated from ancient Sumerian by: The Thinker

The author writes:

Oh no, this isn't actually a comic. No not at all. Not in the slightest. If anyone claims it is I'll deny it! I'll deny you before the king/emperor/president/high chancellor/master penguin if I have to!

So, we've established that it's not a comic, right? Good. You're probably wondering "But if it's not a comic, then what is it?", no? Ok, I'll tell you, it's.........%^$%^$"%463!!!FILE ERROR!!!££"$*$(3$$!"4

There's a subtle difference, but now that I've told you I think you ought to be able to tell the two apart in the future.