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No. 1735:

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First | Previous | 2013-10-06 | Next | Latest

Reassembled from partial quotes in archived forum messages by: Drachefly

The author writes:

I have been told that there was a really masterful speculation on the speculation subforum. Of course, I am very concerned about possible liability issues in case someone claims my work as their own, which is why I have had a policy of never ever going to that subforum.

However, I have discovered a workaround. I have compiled a comprehensive list of notes. Everything I have planned or even speculated is in it. When the run of the comic is over or it is necessary to deal with a legal challenge, I will release it. To ensure that I cannot change it after the fact, I am releasing its SHA-2 hashcode:

2c c6 c1 76 47 0f 67 27 9f 83 9c 4f 6c 3c 4b 4f ec 43 e3 58 b7 10 6b 57 d1 d7 44 03

So that I can't change this after the fact, I'm also posting this to a forum I have no control over: Here.