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No. 1674:

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First | Previous | 2013-08-06 | Next | Latest

Beamed directly into your brain by: The Thinker

The author writes:

Here I was, trying to write poetry on an empty stomach, hoping in vain that my hunger would yield a different type of inspiration. Naturally, instead of poems I got a menu. So, I went to the kitchen, had lunch and went back to my desk hoping that being fed would bring me some inspiration, so of course I fell asleep. Problems began arising when I realised that my artist needed a script to work from and that he's not allowed to write his own, well not after "the incident" he's not. The bottom line is that in my desperation for material for the upcoming batch of comics, here we have the first in a series of strips based off a game of Mad Libs that some of my younger cousins were playing.

Well in terms of creativity, originality, and overall uniqueness, it beats Chaucer any day, I'll tell you.