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No. 1666:

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First | Previous | 2013-07-29 | Next | Latest

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Recited from memory by: Cody

The author writes:

Did you know there's six basic types of humour in the world?

First, there's the kind everybody's used to seeing. Visual humour (also known as physical humour) is the first one. This includes sight gags such as slipping on a banana peel or blowing up by a stick of dynamite or even a simple pratfall.

Second, there's another one everyone's used to. That's verbal humour. Verbal humour relies on dialogue in order to be funny. Can lead to some witty exchanges. Can also lead to Incredibly Lame Puns (see above).

Those are the kinds everyone's used to, but what are the other kinds? Third, there's surreal humour. Surreal humour relies on the viewers (or readers) never knowing what to expect from one minute to the next. Everything comes off the wall and hardly ever makes sense.

Fourth, there's meta-humour. Meta-humour is beyond surreal humour. There's jokes about the jokes about the jokes. Expect lots of Lampshade Hanging.

Fifth, there's dark humour. Dark humour is the least preferred, due to its subject. Suicide gags, deaths, serious illnesses, and other things of that sort are to be expected. These are best used least, but when done properly they can be quite hilarious.

Sixth, there's my least preferred toilet humour (also known as gross-out humour). This one is never done right, so it's never really funny. Too many TV shows and movies are too much into this one. It's overused. It's pointless. It's stupid. I absolutely hate this kind of humour. I don't even know why I put it on this list.

Yes, the only reason I wrote that was just so I could rant about that terrible last kind.