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No. 1252:

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First | Previous | 2012-06-10 | Next | Latest

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The author writes:

A friend of mine has this idea for a website where people can post ideas for projects that they need funding for in order to get started. Then people who are interested in the concept can pledge money to it. The project has a kick-off target funding amount, and if the pledges reach that total, then the money is collected and used to fund the project - whereas if it fails to reach the kick-off amount the pledges are not collected.

People can pledge different amounts, and the idea originator can set "reward" levels. For example if you pledge $5 and the project funding goal is met, you might get a custom fridge magnet; if you pledge $50 you might get a CD; if you pledge $200 you might get a signed copy of the resulting book; or whatever.

Now I reckon this sounds like a great idea for a website! The only problem is my friend doesn't have the funds to set it up. So he's asking me to help spread the word and collect people who might be interested in funding this idea. If you're interested, you can e-mail him at perry_chen_4839@gmail.com.