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No. 318: Gat-Et-o

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First | Previous | 2019-02-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=318

Strip by: Nyperold

{Tiffany is standing around, eyes completely red. She's wearing a Red Skull Pin on her dress in lieu of the usual yellow face button.}
Tiffany: To right the countless wrongs of our day...
Bud: Woah... Tiffany, what's wrong?
Tiffany: ...we shine this light of true redemption...
Autumn: Hey, are you feeling OK?
Tiffany: ...that this place may become as paradise.
Bud: You're not wearing your button.
Tiffany: What a wonderful world such would be...
Autumn: You always have that smiley face button.

The author writes:

Maybe she lent it to Jacob so he could heal his frequent injuries.

Original Precocious strip: 2009-11-16.