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About iToons

iToons is a webcomic that asks the simple question "What would it be like if you took every comic strip in existence, put them in a blender, and pressed max?"

The idea was inspired by Square Root of Minus Garfield, which applies a similar concept to the Garfield comic strip. It's also partially inspired by websites such as The Comics Curmudgeon and The Comic Strip Doctor, two websites devoted to critically analyzing the flaws of newspaper comics. I thought it would be fun to see a combination of these two concepts.

What it shares in common with its parent webcomic is two things. One, it relies completely upon reader submissions to update. And two, any kind of mash-up is accepted provided it's PG rated.


Almost any comic is free game for parody. Just to make sure we're on the legal side of the law, any and all comic strips, webcomics, mangas, or any other art assets are the copyrights of their respective owners. Any comic posted on this site is intended for parody and may not be used for financial gain.

"iToons"... like "iTunes"?

Well, yeah, it is a pun on the Apple Corporation's service. But being a SRoMG spin-off, there's also a mathematical reference. The small letter "i" denotes imaginary numbers when used mathematically. Since "toon" is another name for a cartoon or comic strip, we're therefore presenting imaginary comic strips. Cool name, right? Forum treader and contributor Urlance Woolsbane suggested iToon. I merely added the "s." Trust me. It's a much better name than Square Root of Minus Comics would have been.

Cool! Can I send you a comic?

Yes, you can! But, like with our other comics, there are rules and guidelines.

One comic is off-limits from being remixed: If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum or drop me an email. I'll answer them to the best of my abilities.