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No. 930: Constance Garnett

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Constance Garnett

First | Previous | 2011-12-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=930

Strip by: Andrew Woods

{Jon is sitting next to Garfield and reading the newspaper.}
Jon: The world is Constance Garnett.
{Garfield looks shocked. He peers over Jon's shoulder.}
{The scene opens out to the exterior of the house, then to a satellite image of their town, then to the whole of North America, then to the revelation that the Earth is indeed Constance Garnett. Behind her is her son David Garnett (the Moon), and beyond them are Pushkin (Mars), Gogol (Uranus), Chekhov (Saturn), and Tolstoy (the Sun).}

The author writes:

It's satisfying when science confirms things everyone already suspected. Constance Garnett.

[[Original strips: 2001-11-28, 1993-09-12, 2011-07-03.]]

Original strips: 1993-09-12, 2001-11-28, 2011-07-03.