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No. 929: Orson and Friends

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Orson and Friends

First | Previous | 2011-12-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=929

Strip by: DanielBT

Caption: Fun Farm Fact 5. Of all farm animals, pigs are the most intelligent.
Cow: Hey pig, where are you going?
Pig: To the Opera.
Chickens: Whoopty doo!
Orson: It says here, pigs are smarter than any other farm animal.
TV 1: Here comes someone down the street now... Ma'am, which are smarter, cats or dogs?
Roy: Chickens are smarter than pigs.
Orson: Oh yeah?
TV 2: Why, cats, of course!
SFX: smack!
Roy: Yeah!
TV 1: And what do you think, sir?
TV 3: I think dogs are smarter.
SFX: poke
Orson: Oh Yeah?!
TV 1: How about you, little boy?
TV 4: Pigs are smarter than cats or dogs
Garfield: Pigs are smarter than we are? That's hard to accept.
Roy: YEAH!
Orson: OH YEAH?!
Garfield: Come on, Odie, let's go discuss this over a ham sandwich.
Roy: YEAH!
Orson: That's cheating!

The author writes:

Just combined two Orson comics (the Fun Farm Fact was for a different Sunday) with the relevant Garfield theme. Ironically enough, while I had the rare originals of two U.S. Acres comics for reference, I didn't have the Garfield Sunday comic here. None of the libraries had it, interlibrary loans turned up nothing, and the libraries that did have it wouldn't accept membership from anyone not living nearby. I had to resort to copying a French version and superimposing dialogue from my black and white copy.

Original Garfield strip: 1986-06-01.

Original Orson's Place strips: from here, and here.

Original strip: 1986-06-01.