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No. 5108: A Week In A Day #2

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A Week In A Day #2

First | Previous | 2023-05-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5108

Strip by: TPTPWDotACoEMW

Caption: A Week in a Day: Single Panel Garfield Strip Collection
1: Jon {as a cat hair is landing on the missed spot}: HA! You MISSED a spot!
2: {Garfield looks half-happy and half-angry}
2: Caption: Happy-to-be-angry cat
3: Jon: Meatloaf and something yellow
3: Garfield: Mustard. I'll tell myself it's mustard
3: Caption: Leftovers for dinner
4: Jon: "Can make a list..."
4: Garfield: He's writing that in ink, ladies!
4: Caption: Things Jon can do to impress women
5: Garfield: Two hundred moths committed suicide
5: Caption: Meanwhile, in Jon's closet...
6: Jon: That's a bad word, Ellen
6: Garfield: Don't sugarcoat it, Ellen
6: Caption: "I could use a good word, Ellen"
7: Jon: You don't want to take any chances?
7: Garfield: Better safe than sorry
7: Caption: "You're breaking up with me? But we've never dated..."

The author writes:

One of my favorite ideas for a SRoMG comic is #127. The idea of a whole Sunday strip in three panels is widely explored, but the idea of a whole week in one Sunday strip is far less explored. It's the right number of panels, even, if you borrow the title panel from the Sunday strip.

To challenge myself, I picked a random week with a Sunday strip I thought I could simplify to one panel. It was a bit harder than I expected - I imagine this format works best with the later strips as the punchlines simplify.

Original strips: 2002-01-06, 2002-01-07, 2002-01-08, 2002-01-09, 2002-01-10, 2002-01-11, 2002-01-12.